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Become a Pilot On the Ground With Our Flight Dispatcher Course

Dispatcher Course We like to think of the Flight Dispatcher as the “Pilot on the Ground”.

As an airline Flight Dispatcher, you are charged with planning the flight using factors such as weather, airport conditions, pilot reports, maintenance concerns, and much more. The Dispatcher also may cancel or delay flights to ensure the safety of each flight. You will typically have the best of technology at your disposal to work with. Because the Dispatcher jointly shares responsibility of any given flight with the captain, he or she is a very important person in the operation of an airline.

Commercial aviation is expanding, and it's an exciting time for you to begin a long and prosperous career in the industry. If you have passion for the airline industry, consider one of the best paying and exciting positions - as an Aircraft Dispatcher. This excellent career can pay up to USD $100,000 per year with experience, but first you must, of course, be qualified. Airlines in the U.S. and in countries throughout the world hire only FAA-certified dispatchers.

IAG Flight can provide all the training you will need. We offer an FAA-approved six-week Airline Dispatcher Training Course at our training center in Cincinnati, Ohio. You will learn in a classroom setting, at a modern facility, and from experienced instructors. Upon graduation from IAG Flight and with your FAA certification, you will be ready to work in an airline's System Operations Control Center.  Start your training today!