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Expertly Fly a Drone With Our UAS Training Program

Flying drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, is not necessarily hard, but flying one safely among the other planes in the airspace takes skill. Join the new generation of Lavs pilots by completing the drone training programs offered by IAG Flight, LLC in Cincinnati, Ohio. We provide comprehensive training for enthusiasts or prospective professional drone pilots. In addition, we also offer certification training courses for flight dispatchers.

NEW FAA UAS Remote Pilot Certificate

If you want to operate a drone for aerial photography, inspection surveillance, the film and television industry, or for any other commercial purpose you will need to obtain a " UAS Remote Pilot Certificate". This certificate may be attained through fulfilling the requirements listed in the FAA website: Simply click here to find out the requirements.

The new FAA Part 107 rules now state that you dont have to be a manned aircraft pilot to

Our Instructors

All of our courses are taught by professional aviation and UAV experts. Our instructors are FAA-certified aircraft pilots familiar with the most recent regulations and safety practices. We offer custom-tailored programs for groups from a business or organization. In addition, our partners at Hobby Express™ contribute hands-on instruction to our program.

Beginner Drone Training

UAS Remote Pilot Certificate Course (One Day)

This full-day, eight-hour course consists of classroom training at our facility. The final hour of the class includes information on how to select the best drone for your needs along with pricing. If you already have a drone and need it registered, we can assist you. The final 60-90 minutes of the course include a visit from Hobby Express flight instructions who will discuss how to select the best drones for your needs. You will also have the opportunity to test and purchase a drone flight simulator program to ensure that your biggest mistakes are made on a computer rather than your first drone. The cost is $375 and includes your training materials, a copy of the Federal Aviation Regulations, a pilot logbook, and a course completion certificate. Subject areas covered include:

  • Aircraft Aerodynamics
  • Weather Considerations
  • Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Airspace
  • Safety Practices
  • Flight Simulator Orientation
  • Drone Selection and Registration Process

Professional UAS Flight Training Program (Two Days)

Our professional program is a full two-day, 16-hour course providing you with the proper skills and knowledge to operate your UAV in a safe and efficient manner. Day one consists of exactly what is covered in the one-day beginner course. Day two covers a detailed discussion of the FAA rules governing commercial drone operations and the FAA Section 333 Exemption. In addition, we also offer hands-on flight and simulator training, including advanced maneuvering, camera operations, and detailed maintenance practices. All flight training is conducted inside of our 10,000 square foot hangar at Lunken Airport. You will receive a course completion certificate after the two days. The cost of the course is $795, and additional flight instruction is available at a nominal fee.

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