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Start your exciting aviation career as a flight dispatcher. We offer a full- and part-time flight dispatcher certification course to become qualified for this important position. Our goal is to provide the best quality FAA-approved training that enables you to successfully learn the skills required to run a control center.

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Unmanned Aerial Systems are joining the airspace, and must be flown with precision and care to avoid possible injuries to others and damage to property. Our drone training programs are focused on building a strong knowledge of your drone and the environment you will be operating in.

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Commercial aviation is expanding, and offers numerous opportunities to begin a long and prosperous career in the industry, but first you must be qualified. If you have a passion for the airline industry, IAG Flight, LLC in Cincinnati, Ohio offers FAA approved aviation training and certification for aircraft dispatchers and drone/unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Our company was founded on the belief that students should receive the highest level of training possible. All of our students are provided with the best courses and the necessary time and ability to process the information. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, we offer hands-on instructors who have pledged their time in and out of class to ensure you are on the right track before you move on to further lessons.  Our training includes courses for individuals who have no prior experience in aviation, as well as comprehensive short courses at a lesser cost for those who have prior experience and ratings. Get your career started on the right track with our flight dispatcher certification course or drone/UAV training program.

What makes our Flight Dispatcher Certification Course different from the others is how IAG Flight incorporates a multi-dimensional approach to certifying dispatchers. It's not good enough for us to provide just the basic requirement for certification; we want our graduates to feel well equipped as they begin their careers in a highly competetive industry. The quality of our instruction, materials and courseware has been developed to facilitate practical learning that instills confidence and a comprehensive knowledge base in our students. Instruction in all of our programs is provided by experienced professional instructors whose aim it is to ensure you are learning rather than just memorizing. After successfully completing the course, we offer graduates job placement assistance and thorough interview preparation, the kind of interview prep that gives one the edge in competing for those lucrative positions in the industry.

With the U.S. having the busiest airspace in the world, IAG Flight is committed to providing the highest quality drone training for the beginner enthusiast and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) pilot training for professional and commercial applications. Our comprehensive training programs promote safe and responsible use of unmanned aircraft within the U.S. airspace network, while emphasizing key elements that focus on building a strong foundation of aeronautical knowledge covering your drone and the environment students will be operating in.


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